DMR Codeplugs... who wants a process?

Ryan - KJ7GIE

I dropped the ball on this as I said I'd do it and then just didn't get around to it. I don't have a "conventional" way of creating a codeplug for my radio. What I do is I take all the PNWDigital repeaters, talkgroups, etc. and I export them as text files. I then shift their slot locations and shove the SnoVARC recommended repeater list to the top into an "Home" group. Then I import the text files into radio programming software.

This has a couple advantages over the "conventional" way of doing things.
1) Import does not touch the "user" specific config of the radio. In DMR there is the concept of a radio ID and if you simply pass codeplugs around this area of the radio has to be reconfigured every time you open someone else's codeplug.
2) Because I'm importing / exporting text files (really CSV) you can easily manipulate the files and identify what's in the "config" before having to deal with the software (the radio software is a bit of a PITA). Codeplugs are not human readable.
3) If you have any background with basic scripting and file manipulation its easy to inject / remove areas of the config automagically to suite your individual needs.
4) probably some other advantages I'm forgetting.

OK, so... why are you reading this / why am I writing this...
I recently got a brand new AnyTone 878 which is sort of the preferred / standard radio for DMR. I've not had a chance to program it yet so I'm starting from zero. Additionally, I realized my Baofeng 6x2 radio is about a year old in its firmware and requires an update (which wipes out the programming). This means I've got two radios, similar but different, that need complete DMR codeplug builds.

I will document the steps I take for each of these and share with the group. I'll also share the importable files I generate if you want to follow along for your own DMR radio. I could also, possibly, hold a session to help others if they want to follow the same procedure.

Anything you'd like to see specifically covered in the documentation? I've been doing the DMR "thing" since I started my journey a year+ ago and that puts me at a disadvantage for remembering some of the things I wish I knew back then. If you have questions or want me to document something specific please reach out and I'll certainly include it.

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