Thursday, Augaust 20 mini exercise


Hello all:

This Thursday, after the regular SNOVARC net at 2000 hours, I will be conducting the 3rd Thursday mini exercise. The details of the exercise are include in this e-mail. Understand that depending on the number of participants, this exercise most likely run long compared to the other mini exercises. Please review the included exercise information. If you have any questions, contact me at home, 425-333-4833, by replying to this e-mail, or talk with me on the air if you hear me.
Thank you in advance for participating in the exercise.


This exercise will be somewhat longer than normal, as it is combining several of our past mini exercises and other drills.



1.    Run a VHF simplex net

2.    Provide Net Control with the following information:

a.    The AC voltage at your current location

b.    The time you measured the voltage

c.     The zip code where you measured the voltage.

3.    Provide relays of information in case Net Control was unable to copy the reporting station.

The Scenario

5 days ago, King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties experienced a windstorm that was more powerful than the Inaugural Day Wind Storm of January 20, 1993. As a result of this recent storm, the power grids in King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties have been very unreliable. Power goes on and off, the voltage is fluctuating wildly, and many homes have experienced damage to their electrical equipment. Power crews are working hard to restore power, but they estimate if could be at least a month before the power will be back to normal.

The electrical providers have asked amateur radio operators to report the voltage at their current locations, the time they measured the voltage, and the zip code where they recorded the information. For this exercise, Net Control will gather the information, and pass it on to an exercise EOC somewhere.


Because the electric grid has been so severely damaged, SNOVARC repeaters have exhausted their battery back-up power, and are off the air. The Thursday night exercise net will be run on 145.59 MHz simplex, with NO TONE.


Operating during the net

1.    Please say “this is an exercise” when you transmit your information.

2.    Remember to speak clearly and slowly when transmitting your information.

3.    Be prepared to relay other station’s information if Net Control does not acknowledge a check in. Please say RELAY if you are going to relay information.

4.    If there is a real emergency that should occur during our drill, the drill will be stopped. Net Control will say REAL WORLD EMERGENCY and handle the emergency traffic. All stations should monitor and be prepared to relay information for the real emergency.

This exercise will most likely take a minimum of 30 minutes, but probably longer, depending on the number of stations that participate. Thank you in advance for your participation.




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