Re: Is it me or am I in a Faraday cage?

Jackson Beard

There are several large hf setups in carnation. 

Have you checked your line?

On Thu, Aug 20, 2020, 08:38 Ryan - KJ7GIE <rsm@...> wrote:
Hello Elmers,
I received my Buddipole as my first HF ant with the hope of hearing _something_. I did not expect anyone to hear me. But, after a few nights of searching for some sign of life I'm hearing pretty much nothing (across all bands). Every once in a while I hear something that might be digital but it's too faint to show in the fldigi waterfall.

Now, I know my location is horrible but I expected to hear _something_. The fact I'm hearing noting leads me to believe I've gone and done something completely wrong. But then I remember how difficult my location was just to get reliable VHF/UHF and maybe I'm expecting too much? My next step is to get the ARRL antenna book and _really_ sit down and understand propagation of the different bands.

My shack is less than a mile from the Carnation library and my front door is something like 60 feet above sea-level. My goal is to receive _something_ but maybe this just isn't possible sitting in the meddle of the bathtub we call Carnation. Any pointers would be very helpful and if someone within he bathtub wants to do some testing I'd really appreciate it as that would allow me to validate my set-up. We could fire some psk31 or RTTY back and forth on 10m.

Talk to everyone tonight on the net. Thanks and 73

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