Re: Is it me or am I in a Faraday cage?


Hi Ryan,

Do you have an Antenna Analyzer?  The documentation for the Buddipole gets you close, but it is affected quite a bit by where it is setup.  So best to fine tune the resonance for the band you are using with an analyzer.  Also I assume you are using your IC-7100 radio.  This may sound crazy, but are you using the correct antenna port on the back of the radio?  I know I have gotten that wrong more than once!

And finally, downtown Carnation has pretty high noise floor, so I would configure the buddipole for horizontal rather than vertical polarization.  To help eliminate some of that noise


On 8/20/20 10:44, Dave, KI7VLV wrote:

I’m frequently using PSK31. 14.070 during the day into the eve. What’s the schedule?

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