Free 55 ft tower, Moseley triband and a great deal on equipment

Robin WA7CPA

This weekend I went to Puyallup with a ham friend to take down a Butternut 40-80-160 vertical from the yard of the nicest 88 yo ham who is retiring from the hobby, disposing of his stuff, and moving. I have the Butternut. Is anyone interested in it? I have been considering the tower but not too interested in the Moseley, as I have other sugar plums dancing in my head. The equipment is a very good deal for all that. Buy it, keep what you want, sell or give away the rest. Make him an offer.  I am still looking at my dual QTH station planning from the 40,000 foot level and couldn't quite make any commitments. Now, the tower looks like a super good deal because Phil is looking into hiring to have it taken down professionally, removing that barrier. I want everyone to have an opportunity. If you visit him in Puyallup, be sure to ask to see his QSL card collection. He worked North Korea during the 3-day Romanian activation before it was shut down!!!

Here is what Phil wrote:

My DX days are over.  I just turned 88 and have little hope on the last 8 or 9 I need.  I made the DXCC Honor Roll & worked all 3,077 counties in the U.S.  Country total is all but 8.


I have a Mosley triband 6 element on a 55ft tower – remove it and it’s yours.  Ham-M works great.


Also have gear IC-756 Pro & Ameritron 811B – used less than 2 hours.  1.5kW antenna tuner, SWR meter, dummy load – I want to sell for $900 total.


Call me if someone is interested.


73 Phil



I hate to quit, but we are going to sell and move along.”

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