SnoVARC Weekly Winlink Check-In Procedure


SnoVARC Weekly Winlink Check-In Procedure


1) Check-In every Thursday, except for the 1st Thursday of the Month. Please send your message by 19:50 each week.


2) Connect to a Winlink CMS server, by one of the following methods:

1) Telnet (Does not need a radio)

2) VHF/UHF FM  - (Vara, HF, Ardop, FM, Winmore (depreciated))

3) HF  -  (Vara HF, Ardop, Winmore (depreciated))


3) Compose your message to the club with the following information:

1) Your Callsign

2) Your Name

3) Your Location

4) The Winlink method used to send message (Telnet, VHF. UHF, HF, Vara FM, Vara HF)


4) Send your message to: KE7GFZ



W7ABD will collect and sort all the received messages, then present the findings during the weekly 20:00 Member Check-in.






Winlink Program: RMS Express (aka Winlink Express) - Main Winlink Program


Vara Program: Vara FM and Vara HF - Additional Client Program (recommended)


Itshfbc - VOACAP HF Propagation Forecast Program




(Ardop, winmore and telnet are built-in to the RMS Express program)



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