Hot spot Zoom series

Robin WA7CPA

(Passing this on as promised--Robin, WA7CPA)



I am very excited to bring to you a four (4) part series surrounding Hot Spots. This will be hosted by the Puget Sound DMR Coalition via a Zoom meeting.


The rough agenda is as follows. Calendar and invites soon to come. The dates and times below are subject to change without notice.


September 12th, 18:00 PST  (1 Hour)– What is a Hot Spot, and why do I want or need one? Presenter: Michael Ricky AF6FB

September 19th, 18:00 PST (1-2 Hours) – What are my options for a Hot Spot(s)? Presenter: Rob Fanfant N7QT


To be announced: The following are tentative.

September 26th, 18:00 PST (1-3 Hours) – Now that I own one, how do I build and configure it? Presenter: Jamie Hughes WA7JH and Team

October 3rd, 18:00 (1-2 Hours) – What are some of the advanced features and how do I configure those? Presenter: Michael Ricky AF6FB and Team





Jamie Hughes



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