Re: Sad news

Ryan - KJ7GIE

I don't really have words to describe what I'm feeling so I'll just describe the first time I met W7ABD. Hopefully, it sums up one of the many reasons he'll be missed.

I first met Jim during the 2019 SnoVARC HAM Radio Tech Class. Walking into the fire station I was met with a sea of unfamiliar faces. A demographic of mostly men with radios on their hips and faces that revealed a tenured texture of hard-work and experience. This met my expectation of what "radio people" should look like. But, Jim stood-out from the crowd. He had a smile and charisma that one gravitates to in such a sea of unknowns. I'd later find out that Jim was teaching the antenna and feed-line portion of the course. His passion for this topic was contagious. If pictures are worth 1000 words then the arsenal of antennas and test equipment he brought to share with the class was a library archive worth of immediate familiarization. He had a Buddipole, one or two j-poles, a wire dipole, SWR meter, a rigExpert, and probably a dozen other things I cannot remember. His knowledge of all this gear was endless and he encouraged one to keep engaging in discussion about it! Who wants to talk about antennas and feed lines all day? Jim, that's who! What makes a good Elmer and teacher? Approachability. That is, to be an individual for which others feel immensely comfortable engaging with. In Jim this seemed like a natural and effortless quality. And, in Jim, I found the face of SnoVARC and, ultimately, a sense of what kind of Elmer I wanted to be as I made my journey through the hobby. A truly unique individual with an effortless passion to share and interact with other hams. I can only imagine that this quality extended to everything Jim did. I will certainly miss him and what he meant for me in my personal journey as a ham.

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