Re: W7PFB-10 Winlink RMS changes

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

Yeah, there’s something going wrong with the wide mode.  I suspect that it gets huge error rates in wide mode, which cuts the thruput way back.

Doing some research it seems the bandwidth of the internal soundcard is limited to 2.5khz, not enough for wide mode.  So I expect that’s what is going on.

Even worse, apparently the 6 pin mini-din connector does not give you the access points in the audio chain that you need to do wide mode either.  So you can’t even use an external sound card to do it.  (although I think some experimenting is in order to verify that).

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On Sep 13, 2020, at 3:40 PM, Howard E. Mahran / WA1HEM <wa1hem@...> wrote:

Just attempted 2 tests using 2 separate larger file types:

1) Image attached to an email
2) Large Text Email 

The first email with the image file attached was rejected in both Narrow and Wide mode. Maybe it was too big to send or the RMS station has a maximum file size that I exceeded
The second email test was with a multipage text-based email.

Results are even more dramatic versus the first tests that you and I ran. Narrow was over FIVE times as  fast as Wide:

*** Completed send of message KUZD9IEXAAX3
*** Sent 1 message.  Bytes: 8357,  Time: 00:19,  bytes/minute: 26286
*** Disconnected from Winlink RMS: W7PFB-10 @ 2020/09/13 22:26:03
*** Session: 0.6 min;  Avg Throughput: 14998 Bytes/min;   1 Min Peak Throughput: 14998 Bytes/min


*** Completed send of message PIIWPT10E4ES
*** Sent 1 message.  Bytes: 8343,  Time: 01:30,  bytes/minute: 5503
*** Disconnected from Winlink RMS: W7PFB-10 @ 2020/09/13 22:31:45
*** Session: 1.7 min;  Avg Throughput: 4814 Bytes/min;   1 Min Peak Throughput: 4814 Bytes/min

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