Re: Next club meeting is October 1. Business 6:15. Elmer 7 p.m.

Robin WA7CPA

Link is on SnoVarc website. Howard usually does reminder post here.

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Link to zoom meeting please.



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Hi All,
As our club is oriented toward disaster preparedness, our October 1 Elmer session will be how to prevent ham radio tower climbing disasters, of which there are too many, mostly preventable. Our presenter K1IR will be presenting from the East Coast, so it will be 10 p.m. for him. It would be awesome if we could get 20+ in our Zoom audience to make this worthwhile for Jim's time. I recently saw his presentation on another Zoom meeting and it was jaw-dropping for everyone. It stoked an additional hour of conversation after Jim left the meeting. That good. PLEASE reserve this time on your calendar. Invite anyone you know outside the club who might be taking down a tower or putting up a tower or who is an observer on the ground. Jim is on a mission for no more amateur radio tower climbing fatalities.

ELMER SESSION for October 1st Meeting:

Even if you never climb a tower, some time a ham friend may. Jim Idelson, K1IR, will empower you with the information you need as an on-the-ground observer/helper to say STOP when something does not look right. There have been too many avoidable amateur radio tower climbing accidents and deaths. Jim did extensive research on the matter, subsequently founding Zero Falls Alliance, He discovered underlying causes and actionable preventive measures to amateur radio tower climbing accidents and fatalities. His deftly delivered presentations are shocking, riveting, and potentially life-saving. That is the point.. 

Thank you and 73,
Robin Amundson, WA7CPA

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