Re: Power conditioner for Lifepo4 type battery?

Mark Kenworthy

RVs use such a setup, and there are “battery converter” units (e.g., Progressive Dynamics) that auto-switchover that also produce a high enough charge voltage for LiFe batteries that include the battery management system and protection circuitry (e.g., Dakota Lithium).  Please note these battery converters need to be a model made for the lithium batteries, not the normal lead-acid version (which don’t put out a high enough voltage).




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Subject: [SnoVARC] Power conditioner for Lifepo4 type battery?


Recommendations for a power backup and conditioner for a Lifepo4 type battery. I currently use a PwrGate type backup with an SLA backup battery, Power Supply, and Rig plugged in. Is there a recommended similar unit to keep a Lifepo4 charged that will automatically switch to battery when power is out while keeping it charged when power is on?

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