Re: Power conditioner for Lifepo4 type battery?

Benjamin Thompson

I would assume as long as your power supply voltage is set correctly you’d be fine. Unless you are looking for a smart charger. If you want something smarter, consider the Redarc BCDC1225D. It will take the power supply, condition the power to charge the battery, and then you run your rig off the battery. This is a common device and setup for off-road uses. It also has a solar panel input if you are interested.

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RVs use such a setup, and there are “battery converter” units (e.g., Progressive Dynamics) that auto-switchover that also produce a high enough charge voltage for LiFe batteries that include the battery management system and protection circuitry (e.g., Dakota Lithium).  Please note these battery converters need to be a model made for the lithium batteries, not the normal lead-acid version (which don’t put out a high enough voltage).




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Subject: [SnoVARC] Power conditioner for Lifepo4 type battery?


Recommendations for a power backup and conditioner for a Lifepo4 type battery. I currently use a PwrGate type backup with an SLA backup battery, Power Supply, and Rig plugged in. Is there a recommended similar unit to keep a Lifepo4 charged that will automatically switch to battery when power is out while keeping it charged when power is on?

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