Re: SnoVARC gathering for W7ABD (sk), our friend Jim

Robin WA7CPA

Looking at weather forecast, Sunday November 1 looks warmer (50's) and low chance of rain. Our president, Tom, WA7TBP, will not have returned by then, but he said more important to hold the gathering than wait. So, I will (tentatively) set the gathering for 1 p.m. Sunday November 1 at Big Rock Ball Fields in Duvall, our usual gathering spot. The gathering will be what each attendee brings to it of their hearts and memories, etc. It will be for fellowship and in the spirit of our sk Jim, WA7ABD. If we get rained out or frozen out, the good news is we will postpone until Tom can join us.

That said, I am happy to be inundated with requests, suggestions. It will be thrilling to see in person everyone who shows up. I hope you will all mark off the date on your calendars. 


Robin, WA7CPA

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