For Sale


Well, it’s time to clean up the shack and I’ve got a couple of things which are either not used or under utilized. Thought I’d offer them for sale here first before I look at other means of disposing of them.


Signalink USB $80.00


Signalink USB with Kenwood Radio Cable, USB Cable, Mono Cable,

(Cables for other radios are available from Tigertronics)


This was hooked up and worked fine, but shortly after I installed it I changed my method of operating. Thus, this was disconnected and has been sitting on the shelf.


Kenwood TH-F6A $150.00


Kenwood TH-F6A 144/220/440 MHz FM Triband Transceiver with Belt Hook, Hand Strap, Speaker Microphone, and Instruction Manual


Everything works. I bought this used a few years ago, but have never used it that much. Thus, I am hoping that someone locally can get better use out of it.

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