Icom OPC-1529R pinout

Ryan - KJ7GIE

Does someone have an Icom OPC-1529R cable that they would kindly verify the pinout for me? Or can I borrow it for the weekend?

This is the RS-232C (DB9 <-> 2.5mm phono) cable used on the DATA1 jack of the IC-7100 (and others) radio. On the IC-7100 this is the port for feeding GPS NMEA sentences. I bought a generic cable and the radio does not indicate its seeing the sentences. Next step in my troubleshooting is to identify that my generic cable is pinned properly. My Google searching indicates my cable _should_ be good but I cannot find any official pinout material from Icom so I hope someone can confirm from the "real deal" cable.

Much appreciated, happy Friday, and 73's

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