Re: Icom OPC-1529R pinout

Ryan - KJ7GIE

I posted some pictures on FB here is the new test set-up:
GPS -> DB9|DB9 -> breadboard
breadboard -> DB9|DB9 -> PC
breadboard -> DB9|2.5mm -> radio

This allows me to swap pins however I want. I also verified the DB9 to 2.5mm cable does, indeed, work when I plug the cable into the PC (bit of a hack job and blue tack that was).

PC is happy. Radio is not. I can't imagine what's wrong at this point unless the radio just hates this GPS. That'd require I get some examples of what a "working" GPS outputs. Suggestions, criticisms, dad jokes... all welcome company at this point as I'm not sure what to work on next. Thanks all.

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