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Hey buddy,

Are you looking to put this repeater at a site?  I have a 220 Mhz StationMaster antenna that I am taking out to Thom's this weekend when we move out there with our coach.  I have thought about listing it for sale because I will never use it, and its in great shape.


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Hello everyone. Happy Turkey Day in advance.

My 220 repeater is back on the air. To refresh your memories: Repeater is 223.960, minus 1.6 MHz, tone is 123.0 Hz. It is currently operating out of my garage here on Tolt Hill Road. If you have 220 base station capability, I would like you to try it out. If you only have a handheld, you need to be up very high to reach it.
Have a great week-end.
73, Tom, WA7TBP

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