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I would like to stay on the schedule, but I have some significant periods of non-availability this year. If things go as planned, I will be out of town from February 10 thru March 6, from May 4 thru May 24, and from October 14 thru November 6. If this is too difficult to plan around, please either take me off the schedule or place me in an available for substitute status. I appreciate your efforts in putting this schedule together and apologize for making your job more difficult. 




On Dec 10, 2020, at 1:37 PM, Rick Burns <Kb7cin@...> wrote:

I’m updating the Net Control Schedule2021 very soon but…


·         First I want to put out the call for new volunteers because we lost 2 NCO’s this year. If you want to join this effort in 2021 please reply with your name and callsign AND provide a range of dates you’d like to start. Thank you in advance!

·         If you’re currently doing it, I will assume you want to continue and will roll your name onto the new schedule.

·         Lastly I will delay this update to weekend so everyone has a time to read this message.




Rick kb7cin

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