Weekly net Winlink checkins

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

For folks who want to check in via Winlink to the weekly Thursday night net:

You can check in by sending a Winlink email to the club callsign, KE7GFZ.  Mention somewhere in the email that you’re checking in to the weekly net.  You might want to include:
* what method you’re using to send the email: VHF Packet, VHF VARA FM, HF VARA, etc.
* where you are
* power levels you’re going to use, etc.

It turns out there’s a very nice Winlink form template that will autogenerate the email for you, you just populate the form and it creates the email.

To use the form:
* create a new email.  At the top click on ’Select Template’.

You get the Template Manager dialog with the tree collapsed.  Click on the “+” to the left of “Standard Templates”, and then on the “+” to the left of “GENERAL Forms”.
You should see the following:

Pick “Winlink Check In.txt” and then click on “Select” up at the top.

Your web browser will open a window with the form in it, like this.  This image has the form filled in for ME.  Obviously you’d enter the stuff for YOU.

When you’ve got the form all filled in, you click on ‘Submit’ at the bottom.  
The browser will give you a dialog about how to complete your form submission.  Click on ‘OK’.  Then close the browser window or tab.  When you navigate back to the email compose window, you should see all that info inserted into the email for you.  Now you can click on ‘Post to Outbox’ and you’re ready to connect and send the email off.

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

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