Re: fldigi Zoom Class

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

From what I understand, you can’t use HRD to do rig control for fldigi. Sorry.

I’ve been using fldigi for years without using flrig, just using either the built-in rigcat support or the built-in hamlib support.

When I got my IC-7300 I had hamlib rig control working in fldigi in about two minutes. Very straightforward.

This afternoon after Ryan touted the benefits of flrig I went out and configured flrig to control my IC-7300 and fldigi to use flrig. Flrig configuration consisted of picking “IC-7300” from the rig list, picking the right serial port, and hitting the ‘initialize’ button. Worked first time. Configuring fldigi to work with flrig instead of the hamlib I was using consisted of checking a check box in a config dialog. I had the whole shebang working in, no joking, about 3 minutes, and I’d never looked at it before.

The rig control offered by flrig is surprisingly comprehensive, I was impressed. I’m still not sure why I’d use the controls on flrig rather than just turning the knob on the radio, but the whole thing does seem to work fine and it’s very useful to have fldigi able to control the rig.

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

On Dec 21, 2020, at 7:12 PM, Paul Zoba <> wrote:

I use Ham Radio Deluxe for rig control. Is that going to be a problem?
On Dec 21, 2020, at 3:26 PM, Ryan - KJ7GIE <> wrote:

Class might be a strong word ;)
Troubleshooting for sure. Please have the following software downloaded and installed:

fldigi - Required. This is the "heart" of what we'll be doing.
flrig - Partially required. You need rig control. fldigi supports a couple different rig control packages. We will only be troubleshooting flrig. If you use something else (like rigcat) you'd be on your own. More details:
flmsg - Required. We'll be focused on using this package and its templates for sending messages.
flamp - Good idea. We'll dive into what this is, and why it's different than films, if we have time and, if we have time, we'll use it to send files.
flwrap - Required. We'll talk about what this does.

The rest you may want to review as there are some good stuff in there (like flnet and fllog) but we won't be using those.

User manual:

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