Re: Elmer Sessions

Robin WA7CPA

I am a Ria Jairam,  N2RJ, fan. I have wished to have her as club meeting guest for a long time. With Zoom maybe it is now possible. We could invite her to speak about all kinds of things, such as ARRL state of things, SDR, setting up a world class station, Dxing, etc. Perhaps invite her to talk about her latest interest, historical figures in ham radio, or her surprise preference.. invite the speaker, and let her choose the topic. She also has a good YL friend with a very tricked out rolling radio station they go to Hamvention in. 

Anyway, she is a top choice for me.

Another is my YL acquaintance Jeri Ellsworth. She is a Bay Area engineer/ company founder par excellence with a unique and fascinating background.  She was keynoting around in 2019 and I enjoyed hanging around her and engineer sidekick Amy Herndon at conventions, watching all the OM fan bees buzzing toward her everywhere she walked. You can Jeri and Amy featured in QST a few years ago. 

Jeri and Ria both have extensive YouTube and podcasting you can look up.

Other than that, if you want super technical antenna talk, Kristen McIntyre is the one. She just replaced SK ARRL officer in Bay Area, but she is worth a try if you want any antenna question you could dream of answered with the math. She is a professor. I *think* she went to MIT and currently teaches at Stanford, but haven't looked her up in awhile.

Robin, WA7CPA 

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