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Comm Academy 2021 will be an online virtual event in 2021. Set aside April 10/11, 2021.



Comm Academy 2021 is a free, virtual training conference for anyone interested in learning more about emergency communications technologies and practices. Taking place April 10th and 11th, 2021, Comm Academy will be organized around the theme “Disasters Here, There and Everywhere – Are We Ready?”

As it has in all of its 22+ previous iterations, the conference will feature expert speakers on a wide variety of topics, from radio and messaging technologies to communications techniques to tales from the “trenches.”

More than just a collection of online presentations, Comm Academy 2021 will be an interactive event, with participants able to converse with presenters and other attendees.




Q: What is Comm Academy?

A: Comm Academy is a free, online, live training conference for anyone with an interest in developing emergency communications skills.


Q: What kind of training is given?

A: Technical how-to sessions on radio and radio-adjacent technologies (power, antennas, feedlines, etc), operating practices, emergency message handling techniques, incident command, and more


Q: Who are the presenters?

A: Comm Academy presenters are experts with years of experience, both as volunteers and as professionals in emergency preparedness and response. Past speakers have included members of emergency management agencies, auxiliary communications services, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), first responders, and more


Q: What is the history of Comm Academy?

A: The first Communications Academy (as it was formally known) took place in 1998. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Comm Academy was primarily a regional event organized by the Western Washington Medical Services Emergency Communications team. Over the years, it gained a well-deserved reputation as one of the West Coast’s premier emergency communications training events.


Q: How can I get in touch with Comm Academy?

A: Please feel free to email us at contact@... or reach out via any of our social media accounts.




At this time the COMM Academy is the only surviving significant event we have in Washington that is holding a virtual event. We haven’t seen the curriculum as of yet, but it promises to be a great training

Opportunity for all of us in Washington State and perhaps beyond.


Please go to Comm Academy 2021 check back periodically to keep informed and consider pre registering for this awesome training opportunity.


and then pencil in the dates of April 10/11, 2021 on your calendar.


Many of our team members in EMCOMM teams outside of the Puget Sound area have not been able to participate in the COMM Academy so this is their opportunity to get some awesome training for FREE.


Please check the COMM Academy 2021 out and plan on participating.







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