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Douglas Schwed

Dear Martin,

How long does it take to get ham license and how much does it cost?




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The jotform link is the same link that is sent out from primary care providers.  I actually received the same one through their secure system.





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Everyone has to decide if they want to use it or not.  We got it from KING 5 so be the judge.









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I agree the website name is questionable.  I clicked on the link but didn't enter any info.




The PhaseFinder tool, which the health department plans to make broadly available to the public, is designed to take care of any questioning.

It will include questions about someone’s age, ZIP code, preexisting conditions, their occupation and living situation, according to a DOH presentation for vaccine providers posted online. A pilot version of PhaseFinder, for people in the first vaccination phase, asks for age, and if the user works in a health care setting or lives in a long-term care facility, whether they plan to get the vaccine, and if they want to be notified by email or text when eligible.


The tool will come in multiple languages, according to the presentation, and will refer a user to a vaccination site through, an existing national platform for seasonal flu vaccines, vaccines for travel and other routine vaccines.






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Speaking as one who is in the data-security business..... I (personally) would be reluctant to put my info into a form like this. 


It has all the right logos and everything, but it is NOT hosted on the Washington State department of health site (, nor can I find a link to it on DOH's vaccine-info page.  Literally anyone could have set up this form and be using it to collect people's personal info.


It might be totally legit.... or it might not.  Either way, it's always a good idea to be careful with your personal info....





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If you are interested when you will be eligible for your Covid shot go to this site.








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