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Bob (KI7RMO)

Hi Tom,


I’ll second Mihai, although the scratchy transmission often became unintelligible for me, so I missed about 35% of your comments.  I tried using my FT-60 to monitor simplex.  It did seem better, but it also faded in and out.  So, I’m not certain whether it was indeed better or whether I hit a good transmission phase.  I checked your transmission path to the repeater and it looks pretty good (you’re the green dot).


Quick question – is there an easy way to get reverse on the repeater on the 8900?  I didn’t know, so that’s why I used the HT with a button to reverse.  I checked the 8900 user manual, but didn’t find anything.


Finally, to follow up on the message prowords, here is a link to the ARRL protocol (58 pages) and a couple of other shorter ones.


Procedure Words (Prowords) - Fortune Favors the Prepared


Thanks for the great exercise,



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Hi Tom,


Excellent exercise last night. I would like to have this event at least one time per month to polish our skills.

I found interesting to find that even if we know how to communicate, in theory, we are missing small things.

So, saying this, would you plan for more exercises? I was thinking to the possibility to make a communication by passing a message from one to another, without confirming the mistakes and see what will be the result. Thus we could polish the skills “I spell”, “figure”, “mixed”, spelling phonetic and other things. Also we could add different phonetic spelling, like one could use NATO style, other police like and so on.


I think what you do is very close to a real situation and last night, the scratchy communication was even better!



Mihai (W4MHI)


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Hello all:

For this Thursday's mini exercise, we are going to pass data using a message form. I will attach a copy for you to use, (img047). We will be concentrating on the data to complete the form, not the handling information. This is a continuation of a drill we did some months ago. I will complete a sample so you may see what the completed form looks like, (img048).


Listed below are the data points we will be looking for:


    1. Your six digit grid square. For example mine is CN97AP.

    2. Brand of the transmitter you are using. eg. Kenwood, Icom, Alinco, etc

    3. Power of your transmitter

    4. Brand of your antenna, eg, Diamond, Comet, homemade, etc


Additional instructions will be provided by me when we begin the exercise. We will do a minimum of 5 messages. We will do more if time and interest permits.


I appreciate all of you who participate in theses mini exercises. It is my hope that doing these mini exercises will help build skills for contesting, public service and actual emergency events. As always, if any of you have ideas for exercises, please pass them along to me. Issaquah Ham Club, feel free to inform any other members of your club you think may be interested in participating.






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