Information to review for the February 4 Elmer session


Hello everyone:

I have attached two documents for your review. On February 4th, Jon Bromburg, W1JDB, will be making a. presentation on Fire Corp. Fire Corp is the Citizen Corp program that supports local fire departments. Eastside Fire and Rescue has used Fire Corp for several years now. Fire Corp supports radio communications, training, public events and a drone program. Jon will make a short presentation and then be available for question and answers.
I have been a member of Fire Corp for two years now, and have enjoyed the program very much. I am involved with the radio communications portion of the program. The drone program has some really high end drones. One of the drones can deliver a defibrillator to a remote location. The drone has been used in several search and rescue events, and several fire events. The drone program is actually available to all fire departments in King County.
Please take a look at the documents and prepare your questions for Jon. You may also contact me for additional information if you wish.
H 425-333-4833
E-mail: tomwa7tbp@...

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