Re: Repeater "playback" function?


Worked for me also



On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 12:02 PM Mike Jacob <golferguy02@...> wrote:
It works.  Just tested it.

DTMF:  123

1) Key mic
2) press 123 on keypad
3) unkey mic and repeater will respond with "ready"
4) key mic and speak
5) unkey mic and listen for your words to be repeated back to you.

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Subject: [SnoVARC] Repeater "playback" function?
Hi -

I have made some changes in my shack and would love to know how it sounds.

Years ago there used to be a function on the 825 repeater that allowed "playback".  If I recall correctly, you keyed up, entered a DTMF tone, and then identified over the air.  After a few seconds, the repeater would play back what you said.

Does that function still exist?  And, if so, how does it work? 

Bruce / K7BGG

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