Re: Tarheel SWR suggestions wanted

Robin WA7CPA

Was looking for a big ferrite ring when I stopped to read here. Was thinking long coax acting like part of antenna. I will first put the loops in the long coax and see what effect that has, then add loops to shorter coax coming from Tarheel mag mount base on roof of car. Only been testing at 10 to 80 watts.

Okay I also did another test. First I tried to tune entire length of coax from tarheel to PA connector. Tarheel at full extension. It will not tune for anything other than 80m, which it is not even supposed to get. So I hooked coax up to PA and tuned using 10w. SWR too high. Went down to 40m and tuned. SWR too high. Then 30m too high, up to 17m. 1.5! An had JA's calling me. So I got some harmonic of 17m and sent my signal way over the ocean. 

I had intended to be home by now but I can't let this go. I will report back after I coil the coax and tie with zip ties.



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