Re: March 18th SNOVARC mini exercise

Shawn / K7ATA

Don't forget the Big Rock cross band pointing to that repeater. 145.750, no shift, Tone 103.5, should have some decent coverage as well.


On 3/17/2021 1:36 PM, Bob Otis wrote:

On the main exercise, I can do 6M FM, and maybe 6M SSB, but would bow out on the other two (no antenna).

On the 441.850 repeater, I have talked back and forth several times on my 8600 and, I believe on my HTs. However, we might want to have a quick test on that one tomorrow night.  I would try one or two HTs, checking both 5W and low power.  I can trigger the repeater  with my HTs on 5W, but haven’t timed it right to talk to anyone and just get static as a reply.

73, Bob KI7RMO

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Hello everyone:

This Thursday, tomorrow, there will be the 3rd Thursday mini exercise. This week, we will be done a "tune up" on 10M FM simplex, 29.5 MHz and 6M simplex, 52.52 MHz. Have the Cougar Mountain repeater on in the back ground. If, for some reason, these listed frequencies are busy or unusable, we will switch to other frequencies that will be announced on the Cougar repeater. Depending on the number of participants, we might do some SSB as well. If we do SSB, I will announce that on the FM simplex channel we were using.

Issaquah Club members. Please try our new UHF repeater that is set up and operating at the Carnation City Hall. It is on 441.850, plus 5 MHz, tone 103.5 Hz. SNOVARC members have been surprised at the coverage of the new repeater. Please try it and let us know how it works.

See you on Thursday after the weekly SNOVARC net.



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