Re: Thursday April 15th mini exercise

Bruce Gary

Pardon my ignorance, but... who can/should participate in things like this?

I'm not trained in any kind of emergency communications, but would be interested in participating in these kinds of exercises, both to grow my skills and to learn how these things work.

Bruce / K7BGG

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Subject: [SnoVARC] Thursday April 15th mini exercise
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Date: Mon, April 12, 2021 9:45 pm
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Hello all:

This Thursday, we will conduct an exercise on the Carnation Repeater, 441.850 MHz, plus 5 MHz, Tone 103.5 Hz, or you may access the repeater via the Big Rock cross band frequency, 145.750 MHz, simplex, tone 103.5 Hz. 
The primary purpose of the exercise is to test the repeater capability to handle traffic. The secondary purpose is to practice recording transmitted data. The following information will be collected:
    1. Your call.
    2. Your home station 6 digit grid square. Example: my grid square is CN97AP.
    3. Your home station zip code. Example: my zip code is 98014.
    3. Transceiver information
        Make: Example: my rig is an Icom.
        Model: Example: the model is the IC 9700.
    4. How much power are you using. Example: I am running 50 watts.
I suggest you make a work aid to help you record this information. I will ask some stations to repeat the information that you record.
Thanks to Paul, W7PFB, for suggesting this exercise. It will be good to determine how the new Carnation repeater will function under a heavy load.
See you after the regular net concludes. I will be the net control and we will start the exercise on the Cougar repeater, 441.825 MHz, plus 5 MHz, tone 103.5 Hz, then switch to the Carnation repeater.

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