Re: Cougar repeater


Hi Ralph,  et al:
Yes, this has been happening to me for several years on the Cougar, Squak and Tiger Mountain UHF repeaters. My recollections is weather does seem to be a predictor for this to happen. I have been just guessing it is something moves and causes the problem. I have checked my rigs many times and can't seem to find anything wrong at my QTH. Wish I could figure this out.
Thanks for pointing this out. We should all try to make notes of dates, times, and weather conditions when it happens and record the data. Could prove to be useful.
Thanks for pointing this out.

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I, as well as a couple of others, have been seeing an occasional drop in signal strength from the cougar repeater.  It will be full strength on the s meter then drop down to 1 to 2 bars for a time then go back to full strength.  Not just my radio but others at the same time.
Has anyone else seen this behavior and is it a repeater transmitter problem?
Just asking.
73, Ralph, kc7qxd 

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