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I found this on my setup under General, Simple quick forms, win link quick check just in case others have old system. This is now added to my message tool bar if I can remember to use it.


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For those of you who want to take your Winlink checkin skills to the next level…

There’s a template/form that can be used to do a net checkin. Using it to do your weekly net winlink checking gives you a chance to build your familiarity with Winlink forms usage.

To use the form, open a new message. In the window for the new message, there’s a menu item ‘select template’. Click on that and you get a window titled “Template Manager”.

To find the Winlink net checkin template, click on the plus next to “Standard Templates”. The tree will expand. Click on the plus next to ‘GENERAL Forms’, and that part of the tree will expand. Down at the bottom of the GENERAL Forms section you’ll see “Winlink Check In.txt”

If you double click on “Winlink Check In.txt” it will pop up a web browser window with the template in it. You can then fill in the blanks in the form. It’s pretty self explanatory.

When you’ve got it all filled in, you click on the button at the bottom “Submit”. A popup will appear telling you to click on the “ok” button, and then close the browser window/tab.

You should now be looking at the message compose window with all the stuff from the form filled into the message. At that point you can send just as you would if you’d typed all the content into the compose window yourself, by clicking on the “post to outbox” menu item, etc.

To get really advanced you can save four different templates on the menu bar of the compose window, so you don’t have to plow through all the tree expanding just to find the template you use all the time. In the main Winlink window, pick menu “Message/Set Favorite Templates”, which gives you the more or less self explanatory dialog to set those four favorite templates. Once you’ve set a favorite it will appear as a menu item in the compose window.

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

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