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Today was a rather slow day with only about 1500 expected.  Saturday will be much busier with 8500 expected and actual maybe  15,000.  This place can handle 22K per day.  It will be busy but as mentioned this is a well oiled machine.  Was amazing to witness it all.
We did the first shift from 9:30 to 2:30.  Was getting busier as we left.

The work is not hard at all.  We were called "Wayfinders". We just helped people get to the right place.

Here is a partial picture taken from the balcony before things had opened. On the far left is where the people get in line for their vaccination. The tables you see in the middle are the vaccination tables and all the chaires you see are for the 15 minute recovery period for those vaccinated. To the right out of the picture are many more recovery chairs.




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Can you estimate how busy it was vs capacity?

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Kathy and I volunteered at the Lumen Field Vaccination site today.  It was a great experience. I highly recommend it. You work about five hours with a thirty minute break. The place it like a well oiled machine. It is amazing to behold. Everyone was upbeat including all those coming in for a Vaccination. 

They Really need volunteers for this Saturday the 15th for all shifts. 

Or any other day that will work for you.

Go for it! You will enjoy it.


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