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Lou Giliberto (KD7HCW)

Do they want basic uhf/vhf or any digital modes?

Any of the big name (Kenwood, Icom, etc) basic 2m/70cm ones would be a good choice, and they would be able to sell it if they upgrade to a fancier one - the cheaper brands don't resell so well. I started with an Alinco back in the day and it worked perfect for repeaters and events.

If forced to pick I would go with Kenwood or Icom mainly because of the availability of accessories, battery packs, etc.

For HT I prefer to buy new when I can afford it because they get thrown around so it's hard to tell how good of shape they really are, and a used (or worse shelf sitter) means getting a new battery soon. For mobile I try to get used because if it works it will probably keep working. YMMV

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Have a friend that wants to purchase an HT. He is new to ham so he wants simple but dependable operation. Willing to spend above cost of boafeng. Used is OK to s long as current. What do you all think.


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