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Good Afternoon,


I did not hear this today and looking a tropo maps it seems possible this was from the Oregon repeater on the same pair. It happens from time to time but could not get a good ID on it, but have had this in the past. Regardless not an huge issue if this is the case. My main worry was rouge setting up low power station for other things.




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Subject: Re: [SnoVARC] Repeater interference


If we do have some interference from another person or group we need to inform WWARA. But we will need more info to tell them. So please everyone when you get a chance listen and see what or who you can hear and let me know. Thanks




On Mon, Oct 4, 2021 at 9:11 PM Ken Kosters <kenkosters@...> wrote:

Hi all,

Just wondering if others have listened to transmissions on the output of the repeater 441.825? At first when listening on Thursday and Friday thought it might be tropo ducting but this came over in the weekend and today so makes me wonder as this effect has not seemed to last as long from Oregon as in the past. Please listen as ID is in code and someone might be running a system on our output frequency locally, node or some other link.

I do not see any issues at this time as not on the input but also should not be on the output if not Oregon.





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