Informal 10m Testing - This Saturday, Oct. 30.

Bob (KI7RMO)

FYI, the Issaquah Communication group is planning to do some 10m testing of various antennas from various locations this Saturday from 1000 hours to 1200 hours.  Anyone is invited to participate. 


Set up is the following:

  1. Mihai, W4MHI, will be at Nike park, not too far from the Cougar Mtn repeater, elevation about 1450’.  He will have a vertical antenna and will monitor 28.320 Mhz for SSB and 29.600 Mhz for FM. 
  2. Mihai will also monitor the Squak Mtn Fire Repeater (444.525 + 103.5) and 146.56 (AKA ICST1) for miscellaneous communications, questions, etc.
  3. My plan is to try several antennas to see which work and which don’t.  Testing will begin at my house then move to a mobile setup to test other locations/configurations with the same antennas.  Thus we will be off and on throughout the session.  Again anyone is invited to do the same or just give us a call if you hear us.


That’s about it – join us if you can and apologies for the short notice.

73, Bob, KI7RMO

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