Re: Morning ragchews and VX7R question

Rowland - K7RWB <slick56@...>

Hi Wendell,

Not familiar with any nets or ragchews. Concerning the cable and
software....the program is free to download. You are going to want
your own cable for now and future usage. Go to EBAY and look at item
170168436794. It is selling for $15.00. A very good investment!


--- In, "Wendell Joost" <wendellj@...> wrote:

I'm going to be walking/biking to work from 8am-9am in the Redmond

Are there any ragchews/nets going on at that time of the morning that
I could reach with my VX7R handheld?

Also, does anyone have the VX7R cable/software that I could borrow for
about 2 hours in order to upload repeater data into my radio?


Wendell Joost

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