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You're right.  I misread your address.  The following is the email I sent out.



I was reviewing the SnoVARC membership list and noticed that you do not have a King County Emergency Workers Badge that allows you to respond to a county deployment where radios may be required.  In order to obtain this badge you need to complete the paperwork and get it back to me with a passport style selfie picture (that will go on the badge). I then run a WSP background check and once that is completed, I contact King County, they create the badge, send it to me and I in turn will get it to you.


This procedure is not a requirement to be an active member of SnoVARC but as mentioned above if you want to participate in King County deployments it is required to have one.


If you want to move forward on this please let me know through email and I will send you the paperwork to fill out and return to me with the picture.


Please note if you do already have this badge please let me know as I will have to update the proper lists.

Thank you,


Rowland Brasch
EmComm Coordinator
Snoqualmie Valley ARC

On Tue, Jan 18, 2022 at 2:31 PM Brian Ehlert <brianehl@...> wrote:
I have a feeling one of those was a typo.
Mine maybe.

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