ARRL news podcast


Hi all,

I have been messing around with my node after some discussions on IRLP groups.

I found a way to modify the custom environment to allow experimental nodes. You might ask , long story short the pob cast that is online can be accessed over the repeater with some changes in the IRLP node. The broadcast is about 10-15 minutes long and drops every 90 seconds to not lock up the repeater and can be stopped via DTMF #73 at any time.

The only other repeater that seems to do the information is in Vancouver WA.

From what I have tried on my node this is possible on the Cougar repeater with slight mod of Environment file and some cron changes for auto access we could have this come up perhaps in the afternoon after 2pm or latest 6 pm so some could get this information? I think this could gather some interest of what is going on in the ARRL news.

Thoughts or suggestions as this is club repeater and node. Times can also be multiple per day for more audience but not disturb nets.


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