Re: Ham radio key to finding missing aircraft MH370

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)


What I don’t get is how the deta would have been collected with sufficient detail and granularity to make this theory work.  Is there some data repository where a person could look up all the ham traffic happening at an instant in time, and define the line between the endpoints with sufficient resolution to be able to build a “plot”?

Plenty of people running WSPR to check propagation, test antennas, and generally see how far their signal can travel and still be decoded.

So it’s not *all* the ham traffic.  Just a very useful subset, as it records signal strength in the reports.

You could presumably do the same thing with FT-8 and similar protocols that record signal strength, although there isn’t the convenient central repository of data the way there is with WSPR.  But perhaps the data logged at pskreporter would suffice?

(side note: about four years ago my 100 milliwatt WSPR transmission was picked up and reported from a station in New Zealand.)

-p W7PFB
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