Re: Morning ragchews and VX7R question


Hi Wendell,

I don't know of any nets that start that late. I've been listening to
a couple that start at 7:00 am. One is the KBARA net out of Spokane and
accessed via the evergreen intertie, the other is just a morning net I
stumbled on at 145.19. As I said, both start at 7:00, the later net
sometimes runs longer but officially ends at 7.

I also have a VX-7R without cables...if you wind up buying a set I'd be
interested to know where you got them and how they work out for you.
entering this stuff manually is a real pain.


John Gravendyk KE7KYG

--- In, "Wendell Joost" <wendellj@...> wrote:

I'm going to be walking/biking to work from 8am-9am in the Redmond

Are there any ragchews/nets going on at that time of the morning that
I could reach with my VX7R handheld?

Also, does anyone have the VX7R cable/software that I could borrow for
about 2 hours in order to upload repeater data into my radio?


Wendell Joost

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