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My good buddy AC7T, a blind ham, Doug Payne, with his guide dog, Kenton, was struck by a careless uninsured driver March 25 as he walked up the sidewalk he has walked several times per day to and from his Redmond condo for the last 20 years. Suffering head trauma, Doug spent time at Harborview before being transferred to Evergreen Hospital for rehab. His insurance called him up Thursday and said they were done paying. His shocked doctor got Evergreen to pay for 2 free days to give everyone a plan for his release home. There are 53 steps up to his apartment. Doug has a blood clot behind his ear, hearing loss, dizziness, facial paralysis, and some impaired memory. These are all important to a blind man navigating the world. A fast walker with Kenton before the accident Doug is currently unable to have his companion back until he regains some of those abilities. Doug went home by cabulance and 5 Redmond firefighters and paramedics met him to escort him up those stairs where he will stay until he is ready to get down them again with assistance. He suffers terrible headaches by the end of each day.  Through the Redmond Neighbors Group on Facebook a Meal Train was organized and hundreds of people have offered shopping and errands, etc. A Go Fund Me Account has raised so far over $13,000 for his out of pocket expenses. Doug's favorite store, Redmond Trader Joe's is donating a bag of Doug's favorite chocolate and snacks. K7RLD did some handyman safety work in Doug's apartment yesterday. Hundreds of well-wishers are following Doug's story on Facebook. This afternoon Doug was interviewed by Q13 television. The story aired near the top of the hour at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. and will air again at 11 p.m. It may air tomorrow, too. I don't have a tv but I watched it streaming, link above. This is a very positive uplifting story of hundreds of good people rallying around a blind man who has suffered a terrible injury by an uninsured driver with no assets.  I recommend watching it because it has brought a lot of people together for a good cause in this divisive world full of bad news. Out of something devastatingly bad, good things are happening in the hearts of people. And the Radio Club of Redmond is rallying around one of its long-time members.

Robin, WA7CPA

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