June hybrid meeting feedback request

Kirt White / K7KDW

Thank you to everyone who attended the June club meeting (either in person or via Zoom). 

The hybrid meeting presented some unique challenges. With the room setup, capturing in-person audio is probably the most challenging. 

I'd love to hear feedback from those that joined via Zoom. I realize that those sitting at the table facing the microphone (Paul, Shawn and Ken in this case) should be the easiest to pick up, while those sitting on the sides (Myself, Rowland and Howard) would be the hardest. 

Moving forward, we do have some changes to try to make the experience better. We also have some additional challenges next month with 2 in-person presenters. 

Any feedback you can provide is helpful. Specifically people who you maybe couldn't hear or if turning up your listening volume was enough as well as if the "audience" mic interfered with the ability to hear Tom. 


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