Re: Jo-Anne Myers workparty

Mike Kelly KJ7JNG


I am currently open on June 21st. That could change as I receive work orders from my clients. Please let me know if I need to hold that date open.

Mike Kelly

On Tue, Jun 7, 2022 at 11:44 AM Tom WA7TBP via <> wrote:
Hello everyone:
As you know, SNOVARC members helped Jo-Anne Myers with yard work last spring. We had to cancel the other sessions we had planned because of lousy weather. Jo-Anne has reached out an asked for help again. She still has the riding lawn mower available to us. We would need to provide all the other gear we would need to use.
Here are the dates Jo-Anne has available for us:
    Friday, June 17, Saturday, June 18, Monday, June 20  and Tuesday, June 21.
Would you please send me what date would work best for you so I may coordinate with Jo-Anne. I will be advising her that this will most likely be our last yard work event we will do as a group. 
Thanks to all of you who helped in the past. I know she wants to sell the house, and I hope this will be helping her move in that direction.
Thanks in advance.

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