Re: Snoqualmie/Rattlesnake DMR Repeater Gone?


This came from North Bend crew.......

ALL of the repeaters located at the SECAST comm site shack on Rattlesnake have been removed.  This includes at least one VHF and one UHF FM analog repeater, one 220 FM analog repeater, a D-STAR UHF repeater, and BOTH the VHF and UHF DMR repeaters.  The 6m repeater that has been out of operation for a few years was also removed.


This is because of action taken by WA DNR to either squeeze money out of the amateurs for each repeater ($5K/yr) or to create space for what DNR falsely believes will attract commercial users that pay them.  In the case of the SECAST site, DNR does not own the facility, generator, tower, etc, but it’s possible they may find a way to legally take it away if it’s not removed (which is impractical since it was built by relatively poor amateurs).   This is despite RCS that requires DNR to accommodate amateur radio repeater on their land in recognition of the public service we provide. Thank Hilary Franz, elected Commissioner of Public Lands for that.  


I urge everyone to contact our elected state representatives and senators as well as King County local rep Sarah Perry to commit during this election campaign season to pressure Franz to do the right thing, and to provide the $150/repeater funding to DNR the RCW requires.


That leaves upper snovalley coverage to the Valley Camp DMR repeater, which is down in a hole with poor coveratge, and the East Tiger DMR repeater, which has spotty coverage towards I90 east and is often down.  We typically cannot reach the Cougar Mtn DMR repeater from North Bend and Snoqualmie, and Haystack’s DMR repeater is too far away.


There is some history details that I know about this, including the notice that Rattlesnake Mtn amateur repeater owners received Sep 2021 from DNR to vacate their land.   Then it snowed making it unsafe to perform the work.  SECAST emptied their remaining club treasury to pay DNR an agreed upon amount for 6mos which took them through the end of May 2022; the remaining repeaters were removed during the 3rd week of May.

On Thu, Jun 9, 2022 at 1:12 PM Ken Koch WA7KK <groups@...> wrote:
Does anyone know if the Snoqualmie/Rattlesnake DMR repeater is gone?  When I try to hit it, it says "repeater not found".  I haven't tried it in a couple of months, so this may be old news or just a temporary condition.

If it is gone for good, are there any alternatives that have good coverage for the upper snoqualmie valley?


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