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Thanks Mike:
Excellent information. Very easy to see where the ham operators were stationed. Sounded like a great event. Thanks for giving the Myers repeater a good workout. It is good to know how well our equipment works and where it works.

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RE: Mike's action item from the 7/7 SNOVARC meeting
SNOVARC Members,
Attached is a map of the Trilogy in Redmond Ridge. This map was used during the Trek-aThon, a walk to benefit Seattle Children's Hospital. There were six ham operators placed along the paths where walkers would pass and possibly need directions or assistance. Looking at the map you will see green smiley faces where each of the hams were located. If you blow up the attachment, you can see the street names and you will know exactly where we were stationed.
Each of us had a 5W handheld. I was in the woods, so I used a cookie sheet and a mag mount to enhance my signal. All of us were able to communicate with each other easily utilizing the Myers Repeater that day. In a short amount of time, the event collected over $16K for Children's Hospital - so it was well worth the effort. 
Mike Kelly

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