The Carnation Shack


Hello everyone:
It is now official. SNOVARC has completely vacated the space at Carnation City Hall to make room for some long overdue additional city employees. Rowland will run a vacuum cleaner and reinstall the standard door knob assembly before we officially turn the room back to the City.
Thanks to some great prep work by W7PFB, Paul a few weeks ago, K7RWB, Rowland, KK7GCN, Konstantin, KE7JWP, Chuck, and myself, moved all the remaining gear to the Lake Joy Fire Station. A couple of weeks ago, Rowland and I moved some items to the Evac Hill Red Cross building. The City has agreed to let us keep the UHF repeater at City Hall. The caveat being they don't want the noise to bother any personnel. K7KJB, Kathy, Rowland, and myself had a meeting with Ana, the City Manager, and she will be working with us to land the repeater in a space upstairs as soon as she can. The Carnation UHF repeater is temporarily residing at the W7PFB QTH and is up and operating. Please test it out and help us ascertain where it works and doesn't work compared to City Hall.
If we have an event that requires a Net Control, we will either run the net from someone's house, or establish a portable net control near the operating area. While this won't be convenient, it is realistic for us amateur operators. We can learn some good operating lessons here.
We were very fortunate to have had the space for 6 years. Before COVID hit, we were using the space. We are fortunate that Ana, the City Manager, now has a very good idea of what the CDCCC groups (CERT, SNOVARC, MRC) have done for the City, and we believe we will continue to provide our services to Carnation and Duvall when requested.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me, tomwa7tbp@..., or give me a call, 425-333-4833.
Have a great week coming up.

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