Re: Third Thursday mini exercise

Bob (KI7RMO)

Thanks, Tom,


We have an Eastside Coalition meeting tomorrow night, but I hope it is over in time for the mini exercise.  I may be late, but will try to check in on 10m.  I would like to test my 705 and a 10m EFHW inside (but maybe outside if I can get it set up during the day).


On another subject, Valentine is currently giving me a new roof.  Started Monday, hope to finish by the weekend unless it gets too hot.  Shingles started today – hopefully the backyard will be clear for an antenna by tomorrow afternoon.


73, Bob


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Subject: [SnoVARC] Third Thursday mini exercise


Hello everyone:


My apologies for the late notice for the third Thursday mini. On the 21st, we will have a 10 meter tune up. Instead of an exercise, we will have a short round table discussion instead of passing traffic, doing signal checks or other information transmissions. We will meet up on 28.420 MHz.


As usual, we will do the 10 meter tune up after the check in net is completed. I will be the net control and will monitor the Cougar repeater in case your signal on 10 meter isn't heard by anyone. Technician license holders, remember you have 10 meter privileges. 


For any new members, the technical information:


    Cougar repeater, 441.825 MHz, plus 5 MHz shift, 103.5 Hz tone.


See you on Thursday for the regular check in net, then the 10 meter tune up.







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