Club name change.

Jerry NA7Z <GJRCK@...>

At the last board of directors meeting one topic was to change the name
of the club to reflect a larger area then the current one of Carnation-
Duvall ARC, which could be understood as just those cities.

The board suggests that the name be changed to "North Snoqualmie Valley
Amateur Radio Club". The north is in there as the Snoqualmie Valley is
divided at the Snoqualmie Falls into north and south. This would make
the club more inclusive of the entire valley that we all live in. The
hope is that it would encourage those outside of the Cities of
Carnation and Duvall to join us. At this weeks meeting the name change
was discussed.

Please e-mail yhour thoughts directly to me at by January
15th, 2008.

Jerry Konoske NA7Z

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