Re: Committee Chairman needed


Hi Roland,

Although I'm very interested in this end of amateur radio, I've
always thought I lived on the wrong side of the river and at the
wrong end of the valley to be much use in organizing an emergency
response or manning the Duvall ERC. Having said that, Rick Burns and
I are trying to come up with an emergency operating plan for MRC
group which in our minds would depend on the SVARC Hams for support
so we would be interested to know who decides to take this committee
on so that we can coordinate.

If you don't get any takers let me know and I could try and get
things started until someone with more experience or a better locale
steps up.

By the way, you, Mr. Kanoske and Mr. Eittreim did a terrific job at
last Thursday's meeting! You could really tell some thought and
planning went into the meeting--I'm sure you had a lot to do with
coming up with the program. I'm sure looking forward to more of the
same in 2008.



--- In, "Rowland - K7RWB" <slick56@...> wrote:

Hi All,

You may not get this in time for the meeting tonight but if you do
please consider taking the position of Committee Chairman for the
Emergency Planning and Mobilization Committee. As it is a new
committee you will be on the ground floor for shaping it's
and goals.

Thank you,


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