Club name chnge.

Jerry NA7Z <GJRCK@...>

For some months discussion has been on going to change the club name to
reflect a larger area then just Duvall and Carnation. The board
recommended the name Snoqualmie Valley North ARC at the last meeting,
which was not well received by the members present and was voted down.
The name Snoqualmie Valley ARC was suggested, voted on and passed by
the members. So, we are now Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club.
You may of seen that the name has been changed on the yahoo opening
page. Thanks to all that attended and took part in the vote. Ric did
a nice job on NVIS antennas for 40 and 80 M's. We hope to have more
presentations at meeting on a wide range of subjects and welcome ideas
and those that would have knowledge to share with the rest of us. The
subject does not have to be directly related to amateur radio matters.

Thanks again to all who attended.

Jerry Konoske NA7Z

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